MINUTA STEREO - A Stereoscopic Pinhole Camera

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MINUTA STEREO is a stereoscopic pinhole camera for medium format and 35 mm film. It can expose eight different formats and monoscopic 2D images.

  • learn composition in three dimensional spac e

  • get creative with the coincidence of your pinhole

  • see the grain and pinhole bokeh in a complete analogue 3D process

  • enjoy spatial depth in your motifs

  • convert it into a monoscopic 2D pinhole camera with the eyepatch

Become an analogue pinhole stereographer!

  • load medium format or 35 mm film
  • 8 different image formats
  • optional rise & fall by 1/3
  • 3 viewfinders with holder
  • easy going shutter with lock
  • magnetic parts
  • two levels
  • two tripod mounts
  • clicker for 35 mm film advance
  • 3D printed adapters for 35 mm film
  • high precision drilled pinholes (checked under microscope)
  • eyepatch for conventional 2D mode
  • pouches for camera and small parts

Optional Rise & Fall

The Rise & Fall option lets the camera look upwards (or downwards) without tilting the camera. This way no keystoning will occur. 

Viewfinders with precise aiming method

Aim at the spikes through the aiming holes of the viewfinders and you will get a very precise angle of view. 


Technical details:

  • stereo base: 65 mm (with convergent shift)

  • focal length: 20 / 50 mm (135 film equivalent) 

  • pinhole distance to film: 28 mm

  • Ø pinholes: 0,2 mm

  • f-stop: 140

  • load 120 and 135 film


Number of stereo pairs per roll of film

  • 22 (135 film square)

  • 10 (135 film panorama)

  • 6 (120 film square)

Double the numbers when using the camera in 2D mode.


MINUTA STEREO is a high precision low tech optical instrument manufactured with green electricity.