EMULSIA STEREO - A Multimedia Stereoscope

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A new stereoscope for 3D photography

  • View analogue slide pairs or digital stereos on your smartphone

  • Use the detached glasses for printed stereo cards or 3D books

  • Present your favorite stereos on your windowsill with the viewer standing on the base

This versatile stereoscope allows you to view your stereo photographs in multiple ways:

1. Insert medium format stereo slide mounts (MF3D) and experience a complete analogue 3D process with crazy high resolution. In front of the backlid diffusor screen, slide film will give you a much higher quality than you can expect from digital screens. To frame your slides pairs you may use existing slide mounts or the ones from OCZKO STEREO. (12 will come with EMULSIA)

2. With the included adapter, you can also view 35 mm slide pairs in common RBT slide mounts. (Kodak square format)

3. There is also a smartphone holder. This way you can view your digitized negatives taken with MINUTA STEREO or simply stereos made with your smartphone or other cameras. This way you can benefit from existing apps for auto alignment, like Stereo Photo Maker, 3D Steroid Pro or 3D Photo.

4. The soft kork underside of the viewer lets you place it directly onto bigger screens like tablets.

5. But there is even a fifth way of viewing stereos: Detach the glasses to get a lorgnette style viewer for printed stereo cards and 3D books!

EMULSIA STEREO comes with a base to hold the viewer in a comfortable position to look through the lenses. You can enjoy a 3D slideshow while sitting at a table or you may want to present your favorite slide pair in the viewer standing on the windowsil. The mirror reflects light onto the diffusor screen. 

The rubber band keeps the inserted medium attached to the viewer.

EMULSIA STEREO is laser-cut out of MDF and kork.

With this stereoscope you may view:

  • slide pairs with MF3D mounts (12 mounts included)

  • slide pairs with RBT 35 mm mounts

  • digital stereos on your smartphone

  • 3D content on your tablet or computer screen

  • printed stereo cards and 3D books

EMULSIA STEREO  is a high precision low tech optical instrument manufactured with green electricity and a lot of positive energy.